Michael Ehrnböck

Principal UX/UI Designer


Transforming the manufacturing process with next-level intelligence







Design Lead, Concept, UX, UI, Prototyping, User Tests

Material science turns digital

sensXPERT improves transparency and reduces scrap rates in production lines for polymer injection molding. The unique hard- and software solution for processors intelligently combines sensors, material science, the Cloud, machine learning and a seamless UX. Anywhere, anytime and on any device the user can monitor key production parameters in real-time and thus ensure and maintain high product quality and process efficiency.


sensXPERT is a unique solution for processors in the polymer and polymer-based composite field. There is no comparable solution on the market: by combining sensor-based product monitoring, data science and the cloud, sensXPERT stands up to the most advanced Industry 4.0 standards.


Existing manufacturing processes do not provide enough information about the parts and components´ condition in the most critical production steps. This missing transparency and traceability lead to a time-consuming manual quality assurance for each product and high scrap-rates.


Engineers and machine operators in large polymer processing productions responsible for the quality of the final product work in production facilities with difficult lighting conditions. So usability, readability and contrast were key when creating the interface of sensXPERT.


Sensors installed in the mold measure crucial material properties during the manufacturing processes in real-time and send them to sensXPERT. The tool provides the users with an overview of the entire production, displayed in customizable dashboards, allowing for qualification of components. Also, custom notifications of the current state of production are available for the operators, e.g. in case of emergency or alarming parameters.

The window into the process

During the manufacturing process, sensors installed in the mold measure real-time material properties in order to increase your production efficiency. Easily compare efficiency of different machines, processes and production plants, download data or share it with colleagues.

polymer processing goes sustainable

With the help of real-time material behavior analysis, scrap rates are cut to a minimum, which automatically decreases the number of dumped materials and reduces wasted power in production lines. The newly created design system also improves workflows and reduces costs for development and design through reusable elements.


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